Vermiculite In Construction


Our revolutionary lightweight vermiculite stumbleblocks empower you to build your dream house without any specialist skills. We ensure that the bricks are high in strength and yet lightweight for easy building and handling.

The block can keep out cold just as effectively as it does heat. It provides homeowners, farmers, and companies renovating buildings with an affordable building solution. It also allows them to cut down on future heating and cooling costs.

Each block weighs +- 8.5 kg (or about one-third the weight of a normal concrete block). Using them to build costs about the same as erecting drywall.


Vermiculite concretes are lightweight, have good insulating properties, and are intrinsically fire-resistant. Vermiculite concretes may be used for in situ roof and floor screeds and in the fabrication of pre-cast products. Vermiculite concretes can also be used around back boilers and as a fireback support material.

Loose-fill vermiculite can be used between joists in lofts for home insulation. The free-flowing properties of exfoliated vermiculite make installation very simple. The insulating properties of vermiculite significantly reduce the loss of heat in cold weather and keep the interior cool in hot weather. It also functions as sound absorbent material.


Vermiculite plasters can be made with either gypsum or Portland cement. The advantage which all types of vermiculite plasters give over conventional are:

  • improved coverage
  • lighter weight
  • improved workability
  • Reduce Leaching
  • excellent fire resistance
  • reduced thermal conductivity
  • improved adhesion to a wide range of backgrounds
  • increased resistance to cracking and shrinkage
  • Vermiculite also improves the spall resistance of plasters due to the ability of vermiculite particles to accommodate dimensional change
  • Vermiculite plasters, whether gypsum or cement based, can be applied by hand or by spraying machine. Being a non-abrasive aggregate, vermiculite is well suited to spray application and the sprayed plasters can have an attractive decorative appearance.

Vermiculite is used as a lightweight concrete for roof and floor secretes for insulation and other applications such as houses, boundary and retaining walls, sheds, soakaways & ponds.

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