Vermiculite In Construction

STUMBLEBLOCS; AN AFFORDABLE DIY BUILDING BLOCK Our revolutionary lightweight vermiculite stumbleblocks empower you to build your dream house without any specialist skills. We ensure that the bricks are high in strength and yet lightweight for easy building and handling. The block can keep out cold just as effectively as it does heat. It provides homeowners, … Read more

Peat Moss as a growing medium

Peat Moss as a growing medium Peat moss is often used for seedling starting, in potting mixes, and even as a primary hydroponic or aquaponic media. Hobby growers and commercial growers both use peat for its great water holding capacity, a slight acidity that makes pH adjustments easier, and the low cost. Peat moss is … Read more

Is Vermiculite Toxic?

Vermiculite is completely safe to use! The name vermiculite comes from the Latin “vermiculus,” meaning larva or small and worm-like, or “vermiculare,” meaning to breed worms, for its characteristic look when undergoing exfoliation. Vermiculite – as mined and used today under the strict protocols followed by the industry – is safe to use. Vermiculite has … Read more