Other Products

Cocopeat Coir

We supply cocopeat on inquiry.


We supply bulk perlite on inquiry.

Refractory Bricks

We also stock 25mm and 38mm refractory bricks used for braai places, pizza ovens, etc.


Our revolutionary lightweight vermiculite stumbleblocks empower you to build your dream house without any specialist skills.

Ceramic Blanket

We stock ceramic fiber blankets for thermal and acoustic insulating purposes.

Vermiculite Boards

We stock vermiculite boards that are used for insulation and fireproofing purposes.

Refractory Cement

We stock refractory cement used for casting for high-temperature applications.

Pizza Oven

Pizza oven perfect for the lapa or braai area

Refractory Cement

Re-usable firelighters that will last you years! Dip the firelighter in paraffin, put it into the fire, light it and you have your fire. Remove when the fire is lighted, let it cool, and put back into paraffin. Up to 15 minutes burn time.