Pizza Oven Explained

Our pizza ovens are made for the average day Joe who would like to have their own pizza oven at their home. Our ovens are made large enough to fit at least one large pizza for a family gathering or a pizza night with your friends.

DIY Pizza Oven Mould

Our blank pizza oven mould gives you the liberty to design and insulate the oven your way. Either add red bricks to the oven or just give it a modern industrial look. Your choice! This oven mould hands over creativity to you for your own DIY home project.

We can supply you with the products for insulating the oven such as vermiculite for the plaster, ceramic blanket, refractory bricks etc.

Insulated Oven

This is the complete oven ready to take home, install it on your fireplace, seal it, cure it and in goes your pizza!

We supply the refractory bricks for the base of the oven.

Curing of the oven

As these ovens are cast and during operation experience high temperatures for a considerable time it is very important to cure the oven at home for at least 5 days. Curing helps to prevent and minimize cracking of the oven. Please download our curing procedure for safe curing.

Hairline cracking of the oven is normal as the concrete expands and contracts under heat, but the cracks should never be larger than 2mm. That means, the oven was shocked by high temperatures, although this will not cause structural damage.

Oven Inner Dimensions

The Wall thickness of the oven is 50mm thick for a non-insulated oven.